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Feb 26, 2018
Jul 9, 2010
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Grand Rapids, Minnesota
As little as possible


200$ Jeep, from Grand Rapids, Minnesota

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Feb 26, 2018
    1. Zoomer
      Glad to hear you found some wheels!

      I think I've seen that or a similar Ford before, maybe at the Waconia snowmobile show a couple of years ago. Did it have rear tracks and skis on the front? I have seen pictures of a CJ with tracks, but I think they were full tracks like a tank. Pretty sure it was made specially for the the military or mountian rescue. There were pictures here and it was also listed for sale on ebay at one point in time.

      I found one of the threads, but the thread Sparky linked which probably showed pistures is no longer there. http://www.earlycj5.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30261
    2. Zoomer
      Just curious if they ended up being what you were looking for? If not, I'll keep my eye out for ya.
    3. dpjohnson
      How was the race today?
    4. Zoomer
    5. ErksBurgMN
      One fair bodied camando with no engine, top off, outside. One rotten bodied comando with drivetrain, th400tanny, not sure of engine, stored inside. Should have been the other way around???? M170 is pretty bad body, but do-able.
    6. Zoomer
      What condition were the commandos and M170 in?
    7. ErksBurgMN
      She has two comando's, a cj5 chassis, a FC150, a M170,and half of a cj2 at Sandstone. Her garage "was" full, but getting lesser. My co-worker has been there three times. I have been there twice. A lot of the more valueable stuff is gone now. You could build at lease two jeeps, just from the parts.
    8. Zoomer
      Brakes started leaking so I parked it "until I had time to work on it". Have 3 kids and no time so it has sat several years now. Honey do list is ever expanding and I work too much. Figure it needs a good going through (besides new brakes) before I can really run it again. I keep collecting parts and will someday get back on it. I recently purchased a garage heater so maybe it can become a winter project either this year or next.

      Did Gloria have anything else worth looking at left? She mentioned a date she was going to have people out there, but I figured it was best I not go. She also mentioned to me she had a whole bunch of parts at her house, but I don't know what she had.
    9. ErksBurgMN
      I will give mn-jeep.com a try. Yes I got it from Gloria. No floors, but the rest was "pretty good" for a MN jeep. It sat since 97', still has 140+ PSI compression on all six. "Not operational"? What gives?
    10. Zoomer
      Yes, they do have the triangular cut outs, but I think they have a rolled edge to the cutouts like the later stock wheels do. If you are looking for solid wheels that will fit disc brakes, that might be little harder to come by. You could try posting a wanted to buy over at the mn-jeep.com forum to see if anyone there has any. About a year ago there was someone there parting out a CJ with the kind of wheels you may be looking for. Also, many people there are going with larger tires/wheels so someone may have some stockers they want to get rid of.

      Did you pick your Jeep up from Gloria also?

      No, my avatar isn't my Jeep. Mine is currently not operational and in storage. Here is an older picture of it though:

    11. ErksBurgMN
      I have a 1975 with the 232CID. I put 82 disc brakes on it though. It's the red one hooked up via tow bar behind a black SUV, in my album (also my avatar). I was going for the stock look. 30x9.5 tires, stock steel wheels, hub caps. Wagon wheels, do they have the triangular cutouts? I was hoping for the solid steel type. Is your avatar a pic of your rig? You may recall conversing with my co-worker who is building up the M170.
    12. Zoomer
      Hi, welcome to the forum.

      I'm from the south side of the Twin Cities, a ways away from Grand Rapids. What year is your Jeep? The older Jeep parts are a little hard to find, but they are around. Craigslist can be a source, and there is a place near the Cities here that has some Jeep parts. Every once in a while they show up in a junkyard, and car-part.com can help locate some stuff. I actually do have a set of 4 wheels up in my attic that I think will fit over discs. I think they are 15X8. They look like the stock wagon wheels but are painted black and I know they fit Jeeps (not the Ford wheels with the smaller center hole). I might consider parting with them if you are intersted.
    13. ErksBurgMN
      Just about ready to drop the body of the Cj5 back onto the frame. I painted the firewall only, since it is too hard to do once it's dropped. Bought a 78 toyota FJ40...next year.
    14. Dave B
      Dave B
      Dec. 1 - time does fly! Regarding your question of 11/20, the 33" rubber is bald and checked = no good and rims are the inexpensive white spoke type.

      Keep on Jeeping and have a good Christmas season!
    15. Dave B
      Dave B
      Well, I figured out my typo problem! But too late. As you can see by an original double entry and then today's entry, I'm a computer novice!
    16. Dave B
      Dave B
      an 8. I must be pressing the shift key or something?
    17. Dave B
      Dave B
      That's Dougherty's phone # (218) 343-9180
    18. Dave B
      Dave B
      Thanks for your response to my 9/15/10 greeting! I am seldom on the internet and so am nearly inactive on this or any site.

      Regarding Dana 30 disc brake axles for sale - I do not have! Are you aware of Dougherty Jeep Parts (218) 343-9180 which is located on Hwy. 2 in the Duluth direction. They're a "junkyard" of Jeeps, I've gotten a few things there and they treated me okay. It's a salvage yard, so no telling what inventory or condition of the parts.

      Must close, too many irons in the fire! Presently helping to roof my son's house in the snow. Trust we'll cross paths someday!
    19. Dave B
      Dave B
      Hi, from Deer River! Owner of two Jeeps, a '67 CJ5 and a '78 CJ7. The "Just Empty Every Pocket" and "Just Expect Every Problem" sort. Good day!
    20. Dave B
      Dave B
      Hi, from Deer River! Owner of two Jeeps, a '67 CJ5 and a '78 CJ7. The "Jeep Empty Every Pocket" and "Just Expect Every Problem" sort. Good day!
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    Grand Rapids, Minnesota
    As little as possible
    1975 CJ5
    232, bone stock
    D30 D44, stock
    I am a car nut.

    cars, Jeeps, Sea Kayaker, Musket hunter


    64 CJ5/CJ2A body w/dauntless & PTO winch, Powerlok front and rear
    75' CJ5, restored original
    1978 Toyota FJ40, restored original
    30 Ford roadster "Hotrod"
    37 Ford PU, on hold
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