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Dash Vin Sticker Artwork For 1970-1979 Cjs

Discussion in 'Early CJ Vendor Directory' started by Focker, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Dec 1, 2019

    Focker That's a terrible idea...What time? Staff Member

    Aug 18, 2014
    From ECJ5 member maurywhurt. -----

    As recently noted in a thread on the Early Jeep Restoration & Research Forum, Bear Creek has now stopped producing reproduction Jeep VIN stickers.

    To help fill this void for forum members who need them, I've developed the artwork templates to reproduce each of the four VIN sticker formats used during the 1970 through 1979 model years. To see example images and a more thorough description of each format, please take a look at this post:

    Source For Dash Vin Stickers

    I initially worked with Keys5a (Donny), a member of this forum, to put together a trial sticker for his Jeep. After a good deal of research, I finally found a printer that was able to replicate the sticker with a clear border to match the original VIN stickers. I emailed the finished artwork to the printer, and Donny paid them directly for the cost of printing the sticker and shipping it to him. Since then, this same procedure was followed with a number of other forum members. All the VIN stickers made this way to date have turned out very well.

    Here's a photo of the actual sticker from the artwork made for forum member Rubicloak's '71, shown below his original sticker (Thanks, Eric!): [​IMG]

    I can provide the appropriate artwork for your model year, complete with your VIN and the other included information, for $30 via Paypal or USPS money order (no checks, please). I will send the reproduction image to you first for your approval, after which I'll email the finished image to the printer. I'll then send the printer's contact info so you can arrange to pay for the printing and shipping of the sticker directly. Depending on the size of the sticker and the shipping address location (U.S. vs. foreign), the printer charges approximately $35 total for the printing and mailing of the stickers, so your total cost, including the artwork, printing, and shipping would be about $65.

    I realize that the level of accuracy and attention to detail I'm providing with this service is more important to some than to others, and that there are alternative options out there. My goal is simply to provide the best VIN sticker reproduction images I can create for those who value that.

    If you would like one for your Jeep, please PM me, and I'll respond with my email / Paypal address. Please email the model year and size of sticker (if applicable) you need for your Jeep.

    If your original VIN sticker still exists, even if it's in poor condition, please also send a photo of it. Having an image of the original helps in making each reproduction image match the original sticker's line-printed portions as closely as possible. If your original VIN sticker does not still exist, please send a clear photo of the VIN plate in your engine compartment.

    Thanks for your interest! Maury
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