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Jan 7, 2022
Dec 5, 2004
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Escondido, CA
Magazine monkey


I kick hippies, from Escondido, CA

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Jan 7, 2022
    1. sdcj6
      Hello Christian,
      I was at a local packrats lot and he had what looked like an m38 frame it had what looked like the machine gun mount plate in the rear and the fold down mounts for the grill. Is it worth anything? Do you want it? Let me know.
    2. lowslowTJ
      Wow thats an interesting spelling of Christian...sorry!
    3. lowslowTJ
      Chriatian, got any pictures of the flatties rocker guards?
    4. Dummy
      Holy ****, dude. I just remembered you e-mailed me on my Jp address. It's been sorta acting up and I forgot to get back to you. E-mail me at christian.hazel@gmail.com 'cause it goes to my phone et al.

      Where in Arizona are you? I'm in Havasu right now. Going home tomorrow, though. Best to Erin.
    5. lowslowTJ
      hey man hows life? When are we going wheeling in vintage iron?
    6. cj6/442
      hey christian, have you or any jp members done a tbi setup on the 225, I'm thinking of doing it on mine, just wondering if the mag or you might be interested in doing a writeup on my rig or lead me in the right direction with parts found this on craigs and it looks like a place to start.http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/pts/1280733513.html
    7. Dummy
      Normally I'd say no, but I really don't think I'm gonna be able to make it up there to try it out. The nearest Specialized dealer is a little drive from me, so I can't just pop down and check one out that quickly. If your buddy is cool with that I'd really appreciate it. If you could also ask him if that's $2800 out the door, or $2800 plus tax I'd be grateful.

      Must be fate. Today I drove down to the local bike shop with money in hand to buy a Felt Redemption 2. Would've been about $1900 and change out the door. Called before hand to make sure they had the bike in stock. Turns out they were wrong when they told me it was at their Vista store - it was down in SD.

      Then, tonight I find the same Felt Redemption 2 on craigslist for $1500. Dude just sold it tonight. Literally missed it by a couple hours.

      I'm either too dumb, too slow, or maybe I'm destined for a better bike. We'll see.
    8. bkd
      Christian I'm sure the bike is the same as what's on the Specialized site, but I'll confirm tomorrow........you should ride a bike to see how it feels......hmmmm, may be able to bring it down for a test ride for ya when I pick up the 6
    9. FugginJim
      Hey Christian I have a Holley 4160 and I was wondering what the needles and seats were to help offroad this carb
      Thanks Jim Coleman
    10. nickmil
      Hey Christian, Wanted to let you know the money order went out this morning. Sorry for the delay. Finals have been a zoo this week. When I got home the axle was waiting for me in the living room! :) Looks great! Just for my edification do you know who built the shaft? No complaints here, just trying to educate myself on the different manufacturers. It definitely is not a Spicer stock axle. Cut splines, smooth yoke, machined shaft, etc. If you don't know, no harm, no foul.
      Again, THANKS! Nick.
    11. FugginJim
    12. FugginJim
      Look in off topic Title is My Son's Work pics and video
    13. FugginJim
      Hello Christian what do you think of my sons work in off topic
    14. bkd jr.
      bkd jr.
      Lol I like futurerama too:)
    15. jonnyspile
      Why would he do that? That thing was sweet just the way it was. Oh well, the M-170 would be cool.
    16. Dummy
      Yeah, me either. But I needed the cash for a daily driver I could put my kids in. If it makes you feel any better the guy who bought it ruined it. Pulled the body off and started a restoration to cherry out the tub/paint. Last I heard it was still sitting all blown apart.

      Oh well. Maybe I'll build another out of an M-170 someday.
    17. jonnyspile
      Sorry to bother you, but i just have to say one thing....... I'll never forgive you for selling Hatari!........oh well, love the mag and keep up the good work
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    Home Page:
    Escondido, CA
    Magazine monkey
    Getting older.
    My kids, jeeps, boats, bikes, hot rods, wakeboarding, shooting, anything with gears & grease


    '53 DJ-3A
    '71 CJ-6
    '78 Cherokee Chief
    '89 YJ
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