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Discussion in 'Early CJ5 and CJ6 Tech' started by Howard Eisenhauer, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Sep 3, 2019

    Alan28 Well-Known Member 2020 Sponsor 2019 Sponsor

    Châtillon en...
    Oct 21, 2012
    I like very much your grey. The color of origin of my Jeep was a sort of green, as yours I suppose. Unfortunately the PO decided to replay the war in Algeria and painted it in what we call "Sahara".
    This was the color of French army in this place during the colonial era.
    I would have repaint in grey (mouse grey or mole grey) but to use a brush was too much work.
    I just added some blue parts to change the look.
    In fact, the idea was to avoid discussion with people of Algeria living in France and having some bad souvenirs! Past is past.
    Some images :
    Going to the bike repair shop
    Arriving at the shop
    The Jeep shop in Châteaudun : no oil filter for CJ5, only for Willys WWI action vélos.jpeg Action vélos 2.jpeg Action vélo Jeepest.jpeg
  2. Sep 5, 2019

    wasillashack Member

    Wasilla, Alaska
    Mar 17, 2008
    Hope everything works out with the drivetrain/engine repair. While it may be a giant pain in the wallet, you won't regret doing it right, and you won't break out in a cold sweat with every noise. Good luck!

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