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Jan 26, 2024
Sep 20, 2002
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Oct 4, 1974 (Age: 49)
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Perth, WA
Retired Jeep Owner


Sandgroper, Male, 49, from Perth, WA

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Jan 26, 2024
    1. x MUSKY X
      x MUSKY X
      Where do I find info on the spring Ohio reunion? Thanks Ron
    2. mike r
      mike r
      hi , i bought dauntless_powered cj 5 it needs new springs do you think a 2.5 lift wil be to much i dont want to tall a tire thanks mike
    3. wingtime
      Sparky, I have a question about your avitar I see a Shriners Tin lizzie car. Are you driving or riding in it? Reason I ask is my father was in the Tampa Shriners Tin Lizzie unit. He used to have a blast with that thing. Of course I was enlisted to help work on it and other unit cars when I was a teen ager and in my early 20's.
    4. oakesmi2

      Hows it going?
      I just stoped by to see how it's going.
      Looks like the 71 is in good hands.
      I have moved out to Flagstaff AZ and I am now looking for a commando or CJ6.
      I sold the TJ two years ago to go to grad school but now it is time for another jeep.
      With two kids and a dog I am going to need a little bigger one though.
      Looks like for forum is going strong still, I am glad for that. I look forward to talking to everyone again.

    5. MidwestWillysReunion

      I just posted the Official Spring Ohio Reunion info. Can you replace the current Sticky.

      I'm working the Spring Minnesota info now and will post a new one for that reunion when its completed.

    6. SoFLJeepGuy
      We have been receiving traffic from this forum to our web site. We would like to get "involved" with the forum. Is there a "Vendor" program offered? I see that you have some vendors' links listed, how can we get ours listed too? Our home page is... http://www.jeep4x4center.com/ Our CJ5 page is... Jeep CJ5 Parts and our vintage page is Vintage Jeep Parts.

      Check out some of our new exploded images which are truly the best on the web... CJ5 and Vintage Brake Parts

      I honestly feel that we offer a great value to Jeep owners. We also offer a forum discount of 10% by using code "FORUM9" at checkout. Some members have shared a discount code in their posts, but these will expire soon.

      Please let me know how we can go forward...
    7. KJRoss54
      I see that my new post re Looking for Koenig Half Cab upper door hinges was deleted because it was a duplicate post. I made the post because when I posted (in another thread) that I was looking for the door hinges it was suggested by Kiowamtp - " New thread would probably be in order. Any pics of what a Koenig hinge mount looks like. I thought they were the piano hinge looking things." - that I start a new thread and include images of what I'm trying to locate.
      That is what I did and included images of the parts I'm trying to find. Need some guidance here.
    8. kcjeep
      Adam, greetings from Aggieville....hey, I hope Christmas/New Year's was good for you and Alexis! Our was. Hey, I need to put a carb kit in my Rochester 2bbl. I am pretty sure my accelerator pump is almost shot. Besides, this carb is untouched from the factory. I think it's time. Where would you suggest I go to get a good quality kit? Many thanks, K
    9. H8PAVMNT
      HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :tea:
    10. Ranger

      Is it too late to order a 2009 Calendar? If not, how much are they? I can't sem to find any ordering info on the website.

      Merry Christmas,

    11. Kicknbak
      Hey Sparky,
      Sorry about the "Heads Up" post I put in the Open Forum about my lil' trailer. I just figured it was an 'open forum" and mentioning the ad would get more folks to the classifieds. No harm or deceit was intended. Please accept my apologies. Sorry, Roger
    12. jeep2003
      sparkys hot rod shop :)
    13. Sledgehammer
      Hey Sparky,

      You've got a narrow track 30 in your JEEP. I know they turn much tighter and are stronger than what I have (d25). What are some of the other positives you have seen from yours? I have a chance at one for a very reasonable price. I would have to re-gear it but that won't be too bad. Just wanting opinions. Thanks, Todd
    14. grannyscj
      HBD Adam,
      I purchased a FSM on CD from Detroit Iron for Pete and included in it were 29 pages of 1970 era jeep advertisements. I'd like to offer these up for viewing here on the site. They're in PDF format and a lot I don't remember seeing before. Since they are public advertisements I don't think there would be any copyright issues. Let me know if you'd like them.
    15. Sledgehammer
      We decided last night that we were going to make the trip to Jeff City. Same group as last time I think. No Jeeps this year. He just started a new job and doesn't have time to get his ready. Mine is still apart but is getting dangerously close to being back together. We will all have to get together for a group shot or something.
    16. nickmil
      Hi Sparky,
      I'm going to be gone for a while. Don't know how long, not that it matters.
      I made a bad call in one of my last posts and have apologized to the recipient. They didn't deserve what I gave them.
      I like to think they received the apology pretty well. Their response to said post got me to thinking so I reviewed many of latest posts and realized I have been getting "short" with many of my responses. Not good for me or the board.
      In the last several months I've been getting e-mails and pm's claiming I have a "holier-than-thou" attitude, that I think I "walk on water", blatantly saying that I'm an a-hole, that I've been purposefully giving misinformation, that I've been simply using this board as an advertising vehicle for R&P, asking for free parts that I don't have and accused of not helping out when I can't produce on these requests, and several other things. More than one person has claimed this. The perpetrators don't matter. Don't worry, they aren't the "old-timer's" or the regulars.
      I'm tired. After 6 years on this board I need a break and am going to take it. The vast majority of the folks on this board have been great over the years. I still remember the outpouring of honest and kind offers to help and sympathy when my father passed away several years ago. No where else would this kind of thing happen on the internet.
      I want to thank you for the patience you've shown me with how many times I've mentioned R&P as a vendor. My intention was never advertising but simply as a source of parts needed by someone because I have a fairly intimate knowledge of what they have, in some cases more than the owners do because I root around in their parts bins!:)
      I thought having internet at home would be great but am finding that the break I experienced during the summer made me look forward to coming back to the board but also gave me a much needed rest. I really enjoy helping people with technical advice or info or simply opinion, but I find it is becoming more of a grind than the joy it used to be. Some because it is becoming the same old questions over and over, some because I'm coming at the end of my knowledge I can contribute as far as conversions go, and some because of the type of messages I've been receiving.

      I'll be stopping in from time to time, and I'll be back regularly at a later time, especially when I start restoring the stock '57.
      I've removed (hopefully) all of my classified ads so that shouldn't be an issue. I'm still expecting at least 1 or 2 more pm's, primarily from Bobcat as he is sending me some parts (for free, heckuva nice guy), so will be checking my pm's as the notifications come in to my e-mail.

      I really want to thank everyone for the support over the years. This is the best Jeep site on the web, and probably overall one of the friendliest sites on the web period! No where else can you get an outpouring of experience and info on the Jeeps we all know and love without the flaming. How you run this site without pulling your hair out dealing with all our personalities defies me (maybe that's why you're bald! Haha!)

      If you need to contact me for whatever reason my home e-mail in nickmiln@aol.com work e-mail is nickmil@clackamas.edu
      and my cell # is 503-407-7091.
      If McRuff, Tumbleweed, Timgr, Lynn, or any of the old timer's want to contact me I have no problem with that.
      Again, I'd like to thank you folks for the kindness that you have shown me over the years. Shoot, Billy even offered me the use of an internet account he wasn't using in the effort to get me on the site during the summer a couple of years ago!

      Well, don't know what else to say. I feel like I'm abandoning a perfectly normal ship that has no problems. It has been a tough decision, but one that I feel is necessary for my mental health. I'm the kind of guy that really throws myself into something like this, way too much, and so I tend to take things too personal when things go awry. Time to step back and get some perspective back. Again, if you, Billy, McRuff, Lynn, Timgr, or any of the old-timer's need anything, let me know and I'll do what I can.

      By the way, a donation for sponsorship will be on it's way. I have to hold off until next month as I only get paid monthly and had some other things come up. Haven't forgotten though! I figure it's the least I can do after all the stuff I've sold through this site. Best of wishes for all and I know the site will just keep getting better!

      Nick Miller
      Automotive Instructor
      Clackamas Community College

      Chief grunt and lot lizard
      R&P 4 WD Parts Inc.
    17. Dble414
      Hey i couldnt find anything in a search on the Ohm's
    18. Chuck
      Hi Sparky – my son Ross started up a new forum called Rotorhead forums http://www.rotorheadforums.com . I know there are a few pilots on the ECJ5 forum and was wondering if I could have permission to post a link in OT to welcome members here to stop by and check it out? Thanks - Chuck
    19. Fnord5
      I found a Fiero 4x4 :D it's in the yessss! thread
    20. kcjeep
      Hey Adam! I am just getting home from a work trip to my main office in Springdale Ark...I did stop by and looked a little closer at that '79 today...actually not bad. I think JC should pick it up! I will try to get you a picture of it soon...speaking of pictures, by friend Bill in Staten Island, NY sent me another pix of him in an MB or GPW that is really awesome. I will make a copy and send it to you to add to the site. later, K
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    Oct 4, 1974 (Age: 49)
    Home Page:
    Perth, WA
    Retired Jeep Owner
    I enjoy flapjacks with maple syrup, chilis, sunny days, music, and being a general annoyance.

    Once I started a Jeep webpage.


    Adam Sparks

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.” ~ Mark Twain
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