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'54 Kaiser

Discussion in 'eBay, FB Marketplace and Craigslist' started by colojeepguy, Dec 22, 2021.

  1. Dec 22, 2021

    colojeepguy Colorado Springs

    At the foot of...
    Apr 4, 2010
    Now here's something you don't see everyday! I've never seen one in person. I think the grille is ugly but I like the rest of the car. The sliding doors are pretty cool but I could see them being problematic once they started to get a little wear. It says it has a 6 cyl F head, I wonder if it's the same as a Willys F head with 2 more cylinders?
    1954 Kaiser Darrin - Only 435 made - auto wheels & tires - by owner... (craigslist.org)
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  2. Dec 22, 2021

    Twin2 not him 2022 Sponsor 2021 Sponsor 2020 Sponsor

    Virginia Beach, VA
    Apr 28, 2011
    I've seen one of these at the AACA fall meet in Hersey Pa
    it was ahead of it's time
    but haven't been there for 10 years now
  3. Dec 22, 2021

    Nebr1957CJ5 I will do it tomorrow

    Lincoln NE
    Nov 2, 2018
    I was just reading about the f 161 the other day. They ended up being produced later on by Ford in South America for quite some time if I read the article correctly.
  4. Dec 22, 2021

    wheelie beeg dummy 2021 Sponsor

    York, PA
    Mar 6, 2004
    I saw one in a guys local private collection a few years back. Have pics somewhere.

    Interested story his son told. So, Mr Kaiser’s wife wanted a sports car. He had the engineers start drawing something up in ‘52 I believe he said. Maybe 51. I don’t recall. But somewhere along the line, the facility was broken into and left a mess. The plans were obviously gone through by the perps. Lo and behold, in 1953 Chevrolet introduced a similar looking car called the Corvette, beating Kaiser to the American sports car market to complete with the Jaguars of the day.

    I’m a bit skeptical of the story as you may be. But apparently Mr Kaiser was convinced that spies from GM took his design and fast tracked it into production, with changes of course.
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  5. Dec 25, 2021

    Keys5a Sponsor

    Florida Keys
    Jan 23, 2014
    Yes, this engine is a 6 cyl version of our F-134. The F-161 was used in other Willys vehicles in the early/mid-'50s, passenger cars and 2wd Wagons included. The 161's were a common "upgrade" in many VJ Jeepsters back in the day.
  6. Dec 27, 2021

    gunner Member

    Washington state...
    Dec 4, 2012
    Several years ago, I worked on a '49 Jeepster with this engine in it. Not too many early Jeepsters came with them, most hving the 4 cylinder. Smooth running engine
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